A special thank you to the nursing staff and doctors at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital

Our darling little boy, Aubin Clarke, was born on June 19, healthy and strong and feeding well.

aubin sleeping

Aubin a few days old

Three weeks later he contracted bronchiolitis from two common cold viruses – something that would just have meant a running nose and a cough for older children –  but because he was so young, he quickly became very ill.

He spent a week in the Butterfly Ward – the neo-natal intensive care unit on level five- at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital hooked up to machines to help him breath, a nasal feeding tube, a drip,a catheter and all manner of monitoring devices.

While incredibly distressing for us as parents, we were soothed by the brilliant team of nurses and doctors who cared for him and nursed him back to health.

A week after being admitted, he came home, and has made a complete recovery.

I want to especially thank all those wonderful nurses who looked after Aubin 24-hours-a-day and who fed him, changed his nappy, dressed him, soothed him when we were not there (you cannot sleep overnight in ICU), who monitored all his vital signs into the early hours of the morning and who reassured us he would be fine.

Apart from being absolutely brilliant professionals,  you were exceptionally kind and caring and when we had to leave him at night, we knew he was in the best of hands.

For this we will always be very grateful.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Aubin with her big sister Edie

Aubin, aged five weeks, with his big sister Edie

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