About me

South African-born Australian journalist/blogger living in Melbourne, who is trying to live by the motto:

“Life’s short, you might as well have an opinion!”

All views expressed here are my own and hopefully offend the right people from time to time.

In all instances I endeavour to be accurate and fair. You’re welcome to republish any of my blogs, butΒ  a link back to this site would be appreciated.

When I am not blogging away, I write for the The Australian Financial Review covering the property market.(Sorry, most of my stories are behind the pay wall).

Prior to that I wrote for www.propertyobserver.com.au. My work has also appeared on smartcompany.com.au, www.crikey.com.au, www.accountancyage.com and numerous other places in print and online. Just Google me, though you may also get Rabbi Larry Schlesinger of Macon, Georgia.

I also write on an adhoc freelance basis. If you’d like help with a writing project please contact me via email: freshlyworded@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you return!

You can follow me on Twitter at @larryschles

And check out my professional credentials on LinkedIn

For a far better “About me” page try this sensational one by journalist and blogger Helen Razor,

7 thoughts on “About me

  1. May I ask you how you find inspiration in such damming topics, and also, may I be so forward as to ask you how you became a writer in this particular genre, and what is your experience level and do I know you from another place and another time? I hope this finds you well and I look forward to your response.


    1. hi Jessie, thanks for the message. Which genre are you referring to? I write across a lot of them (books, movies, true crime, personal experiences etc). I am a newspaper reporter by day.


  2. why do you keep your name secret and hide under Freshlyworded? If you’re proud of your views why hide? Helen Razer does not hide her name.


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