Why I blog

So why am I blogging? To express an opinion, a rage, enjoy the pleasure of crafting a good story, to make connections, promote my freelance writing. Take your pick.

There’s a bit of a focus on journalism and the media, how new media (online and social media) is changing the world of reporting and commentary, plus I’ll throw in my book reviews and other observations.

As always, I aim to write about subjects I know something about.

I aim to be truthful, fair and accurate.

I’m a bit of a lefty

I like Woody Allen + Larry David + George Orwell + most of the films of Hitchcock, Scorcese + Tarantino.

The movie I’ve watched more times than any other: “Withnail and I”

3 thoughts on “Why I blog

  1. Do you take comments off of your blog posts if they give opinions that differ from your own, but are presented in a courteous way?


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