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  1. Hi Larry, I read your post about Wenatex free dinners with interest. A friend of mine was a supplier to them. The company you are referring to (Wenatex Australia Pty Ltd) went into voluntary administration owing a great deal of money to a lot of suppliers in mid October 2014. Their Austrian supplier also called Wenatex and also run by a family called Wernicke & secured creditor to Wenatex Australia Pty Ltd then set up a new company in late October 2014 called Wenatex Pty Ltd. This phoenix company rehired Stephen, Michael and Justin Wernicke as directors. They then offered new contracts to staff who had been with Wenatex Australia Pty Ltd needless to say the staff all lost their entitlements.. It certainly adds the picture doesn’t it.


  2. Your article relating to my father and I is inaccurate and false. We charged our clients exactly what the law society permitted and so did all other personal injury attorneys. We were targeted by Discovery Health. This is a vendetta because our firm exposed this massive fraud. We have never charged forty percent and the matter referred to was a straight hourly rate based on work done. This is a malicious tactic to defame us. We have never had a single finding of unprofessional conduct in the firms 40 year history. See our website at http://www.ronaldbobroff.com

    We will soon be laying criminal charges against Discovery, their attorney George Van Niekerk and proxy attorney Anthony Millar.


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